I’m Beamin… Lupe Fiasco

I love this track… cool video. Video with kids and a positive message with the lyrics cannot be beat! I’m beeeeeeeeeamin…

Banksy Strikes Again!

Banksy strikes again in San Fransisco (previous Banksy). This artist is cleaver, and I wish he would come to my city and do this. I highly doubt if he ever will…

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Beyoncé – Why Don’t You Love Me

When I watch this, it makes me think of the Rosie the Riveter (We Can Do It) poster.

Drake… Thank Me Later (Artwork)

What do you think about this cover? It looks as if it’s going to have a 3D effect, like Jay-Z’s Kingdom Come album cover.  Releases June 15th

Trap or Die II

This mixtape dropped yesterday, and I cannot stop listening to it! This is a classic… just as good or better than the first Trap or Die. What’s up Jeezy!

Download here

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Aware Yourself of Awareness

Did you know the month of May is National Skin Cancer Awareness month? Well, most do not… in-fact most people do not know what ribbon represents what type of cancer or cause.

Facts show that less than 30% of children, adults, and teenagers use sun protection.  Remember to protect yourself this summer and also inform yourself of other cancers.

A little Dirty Work

Everyone has seen the dirty car with the “Wash Me” written on it, but have you ever seen something like this?

This was done by Scott Wade, lives in Texas and about a mile and a half away from a dirt road (according to his website).  DirtyCarArt.com

Thanks Mom for the tip!