Graduation GRADually Approaching

My college graduation is only 2 days away, and I am having mixed feelings. The only feeling I do not have is Excitement. Yes, I know its a great amazing thing to get a bachelors degree, but I feel as if it’s expected to it not such a big deal to me at this moment. I am proud of myself and thankful for making it this far with the support of my family, friends, and girlfriend but I always knew I would go to college. I was once told by a good friend of mine “that we (college students) do not really value what they are doing and what they are going through because we are surrounded by other students going through the same thing and professors that have already accomplished so much. It’s like having a well paying job, you are happy you are making good money, but how often do you stop and say wow life is good I have a great job, good life, etc. I’m sure not too often, you most only say those things when something good happens at work. Well, students usually moan and complain about so much school work, projects etc, but how often do we say I’m in college making an investment that will payoff down the road. Not very often.” My friend didn’t it put it exactly like that but I put down everything I could remember from our conversation. With that being said, I can say it’s easier said than done.

I will enjoy my moment as I walk across the stage and collect what’s mine, and maybe the joy and excitement will hit me as I’m walking across the stage. Maybe afterward, but soon as I walk across the stage it is time to get to the money and build a foundation for the rest of my life. I will get what I put in, and I will obtain my earnings from this investment called College. Again I want to Thank any and everyone who supported me while I’ve been in school. Most importantly I want to Thank my family, I love you all!

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