Coming to an end…

As graduati0n approaches (May 15th) and I apply for job after job while pondering where I would like to live, I can’t help but to question myself. Do I want to work right away? Is this what life is really all about? Why didn’t I apply for grad school? Should I travel the world? Just like most soon to be college grads I am not totally sure where to go from here. I don’t want to be a traditional American; I want to make my own lane, have my own path! I mean, I went to college to get a good job and to have a successful life; right? But what actually is success? How can that be defined… How can happiness be defined? I was once told that nobody really ever reaches happiness. We all just want more and more. Well, I can say that I have actually encountered a few individuals that have their happiness.

I’ve envisioned happiness in several ways, but the one that has been occurring the most is NOT the “family, kids, large house, with a white picket fence,” it has been “Me with my girlfriend in a huge studio painting pictures all day everyday with dope-ass music playing in the background but the location of this studio is unknown! I know we can’t always do what we want but the promise I will make to myself is to have a successful soul while basking in happiness! Looks like it is time to find that great j.o.b. or is it?

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