” I never felt like I’m not the underdog, I never felt completely comfortable. I’m tormented by the need to create” ~ Kanye West


Sometimes in life you feel a certain way or you want to describe your mind-state, but it can’t be put into words… Well I recently saw this quote and if i had to put my feelings into words or the way I feel it would be along the lines of that quote. I made this blog to express my feelings on topics and to show a side of myself most people don’t get to see. I’m not trying to get everyone to like what I like or what not. This is just my expression.  I may not have enough time in to paint, draw or craft, but I take any opportunity to express and create from the heart. I have hopes most people enjoy my postings but at the end of the day everyone is an artist maybe not in the same sense but WE all are ARTIST.

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