Where is my CHAP-STICK?!?

Even though winter is dying down. Everyone should keep their chap-sticks’ on them all year round! But have you ever asked yourself why is it soooo difficult to maintain? It seems as if your chap-stick vanishes at times. I know mine has several times. Over a course of a year I have probably bought 15 sticks. I lose them all the time. It’s like they have there own mind or something! I just lost another one this morning! ahhh!!!!!! Oh, and don’t you hate when you find it in the dryer, and you can feel how warm it is but you still take the top off for reassurance or something?

    • Elaina
    • February 26th, 2010

    hahahah, I definitely know the feeling! Or when you know you have plenty of chapsticks but when you are walking through the checkout line you can’t help but buy a new one!!

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